Our Lessons

This program has been a labor of love, born from a deep desire to help people move from just knowing God’s Word to becoming transformed by it. Transformation is a difficult and painful process. As a butterfly does not emerge from a cocoon without a struggle, neither do we embrace the life of freedom offered to us Galatians 5:1 without struggling. Second Corinthians 3:18 stated that we are being transformed into the image of Christ. This transformation is not only inward but must be outwardly reflected in our character. The hope is for this program to be a laboratory for life where the participant will learn to live life well.

God did not intend for us to live free from pain, but in the midst of trials, to live a life of integrity, excellence, dignity and truth. One may ask why some people in the church live so poorly and with such mediocrity. Four:One Journey was written to address this question. This curriculum was written by Elodia Flynn to provide an avenue for people to resolve their pain and difficulties, to enjoy the life of freedom that Christ promised to us.

Lesson 1

Sanctification: The Hope for Lasting Change

Lesson 2

The Transforming Power of Love

Lesson 3

Attachment: A Secure Foundation

Lesson 4

The Working of the Brain & Mind

Lesson 5

With All My Heart: The Connection of Heart & Emotions

Lesson 6

The Trauma of Abuse

Lesson 7

Rejection: the Pain of Not Measuring Up

Lesson 8

Parental Conflict & Its Impact on Children’s Well-Being

Lesson 9

Shame: Healthy vs. Toxic

Lesson 10

The Cross: Our Deliverance from Toxic Shame

Lesson 11

Transactional Analysis: A Tutorial on Behavior

Lesson 12

Codependency: Relational Dysfunction

Lesson 13

Depression: The Quiet Destroyer

Lesson 14

Forgiveness: Part I

Lesson 15

Forgiveness: Part II

Lesson 16

My Belief System: Its Effect on My Life