Lesson 1: Sanctification, The Hope for Lasting Change
Lesson 2: The Transforming Power of Love
Lesson 3: Attachment, A Secure Foundation
Lesson 4: The Working of the Brain & the Mind
Lesson 5: With All My Heart: The Connection of Heart & Emotions
Lesson 6: The Trauma of Abuse
Lesson 7: Rejection: The Pain of Not Measuring Up
Lesson 8: Parental Conflict & Its Impact on Children's Well-being
Lesson 9: Shame: Healthy vs. Toxic
Lesson 10: The Cross: Our Deliverance from Toxic Shame
Lesson 11: Transactional Analysis: A Tutorial on Behavior
Lesson 12: Codependency: Relational Dysfunction
Lesson 13: Depression the Quiet Destroyer
Lesson 14: Forgiveness, Part I
Lesson 15: Forgiveness, Part II
Lesson 16: My Belief System: Its Effect on My Life

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