Because you’ve been carrying some things for a long time.


Understand yourself, your relationships, and your calling in life with the support you’ve been looking for.

For those searching for…


A common refrain among participants are the words, “Me too,” “I hear you,” “been there.” There’s a profound impact knowing that you’re not alone in what you’re going through.


These are men and women who will lovingly hold your feet to the fire. They’ll be the voice inside your head when you need it most.


Four:One Journey is about uncovering your story and finding your worth. That’s done with the group’s commitment to compassion and confidentiality.


“I felt at ease sharing in the group. The insights I learned have completely changed how I parent.”

—Cynthia, Chattanooga, TN


We are:


• small, 10 people total
• confidential
• all ages and backgrounds
• gender-separated


By allowing ourselves to be transparent, we allow others to put themselves in our shoes. The more open people are, the more we can understand the many different aspects of each person’s story.


An in-person course takes 16 weeks. We ask that you attend each session, are on time, and are willing to engage with the material and the other participants in a healthy, uplifting manner.


We’re not:

A recovery group

People join for all sorts of reasons, but we’re not solely for those with addictions. If you’re struggling with an addiction, please consult with a pastor or local, professional counseling center.

A Bible study

We’re not a Bible study. However, scripture is at the core of every lesson. The Bible is the lens we use to better see our relationship with God, self, and others.

One-on-one counselors 

Counseling provides a wonderful opportunity for one-on-one support. We recommend individual counseling but our leads cannot provide you with one-on-one support.

If you’re requiring immediate support or feel as though you’re in crisis, please check with your pastors or local, professional Christian counseling center.


Understand why you do the things you do.