How do I know if I’m a good fit?

Since Four:one Journey is designed for Small Group interaction through the local church, you may discuss with your Pastor, Minister, or Professional Counselor your possible participation.

May I alter the material?

You may not. Four:one Journey is copyright protected. However, if you have suggested enhancements or suggested amendments we would be pleased to consider those.

What qualifications does a Small Group Lead have?

A Small Group Lead is not a Four:one Journey employee and serves voluntarily under the authority of their local church. Each church has the responsibility for establishing their qualifying guidelines. Four:one Journey can be led by either a gifted lay leader or by a licensed professional, but both would be serving under their church’s authority.

Four:one Journey is not available in my church. What should I do?

You may want to consider joining a Small Group at another church in your area.

If four:one journey has not established partnering churches in your city, you could enroll in the Self-directed Online Course.
You may ask your church leadership to consider contacting Four:one Journey.

What if a four:one journey SGL feels a participant needs professional or clinical help?

Since SGLs are not licensed counselors, he or she should contact their supervising Pastor or Elder and have a compassionate conversation regarding the participant. The church may want to make a referral to a trusted licensed professional counseling center.

Can I be a Small Group Lead (SGL) if I’ve never been to a course?

It is our belief that being a Four:one Journey small group participant BEFORE becoming a Small Group Lead (SGL) enhances an individual’s ability to connect with class participants. However, each church sets their guidelines for SGL’s qualifications.

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