The Small Group Lead’s Pledge


Most leads have gone through the course for various struggles of their own. Facilitators promise to be open with you about their struggles and help you be more honest with yourself and others as well.


Each group is committed to doing the hard work, together. Group friendships always last months, but they often extend for years. Four:One Journey keeps the group dynamic as central to the experience of change.


Leads lead with humility and ask lots of questions. They don’t pretend to know all the answers but instead humbly and prayerfully ask for insight related to whatever you are going through.


Leads are dedicated to providing participants with a safe space for them to think reflectively about their lives.


How do I know if I’m a good fit?

Since Four:one Journey is designed for Small Group interaction through the local church, you may discuss with your Pastor, Minister, or Professional Counselor your possible participation.

May I alter the material?

You may not. Four:one Journey is copyright protected. However, if you have suggested enhancements or suggested amendments we would be pleased to consider those.

What qualifications does a Small Group Lead have?

A Small Group Lead is not a Four:one Journey employee and serves voluntarily under the authority of their local church. Each church has the responsibility for establishing their qualifying guidelines. Four:one Journey can be led by either a gifted lay leader or by a licensed professional, but both would be serving under their church’s authority.

Four:one Journey is not available in my church. What should I do?

You may want to consider joining a Small Group at another church in your area.

If four:one journey has not established partnering churches in your city, you could enroll in the Self-directed Online Course.
You may ask your church leadership to consider contacting Four:one Journey.

What if a four:one journey SGL feels a participant needs professional or clinical help?

Since SGLs are not licensed counselors, he or she should contact their supervising Pastor or Elder and have a compassionate conversation regarding the participant. The church may want to make a referral to a trusted licensed professional counseling center.

Can I be a Small Group Lead (SGL) if I’ve never been to a course?

It is our belief that being a Four:one Journey small group participant BEFORE becoming a Small Group Lead (SGL) enhances an individual’s ability to connect with class participants. However, each church sets their guidelines for SGL’s qualifications.

Want to see Four:One Journey in your church?

Apply to be a Lead for your church.