Get moving in the right direction

The Bible describes the Christian life as a walk. Most days that may feel more like an uphill marathon.

Walking Worthy combines the structure of a small group Bible study with the personal focus of a counseling session. It’s the perfect mix to help you get unstuck and walk worthy of your calling.

Start a group

It just takes one person to start a group in their church and make a difference in the lives of countless Christians who might feel stuck in their walk.

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Lead a group

Become a guide. Help to facilitate the group discussions that make a difference in how people understand themselves and their relationships.

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Let’s build a better understanding of how God intended relationships to be lived.

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Pray for relationships to grow-within the church, within our homes, and with anyone we meet.


“I felt at ease sharing in the group. The insights I learned have completely changed how I parent.”

—Cynthia Smith, Chattanooga, TN


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